Frequently Asked Questions


Unex Securities is a Corporate Member of Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited (PSX). It is a Brokerage house that serves the investment needs of its clients in the capital market of Pakistan.

You can simply contact us through our website or email us at

Shares represent ownership in a company. They entitle holders to a claim on company profits to the extent of shares purchased. 

A company distributes profits to its shareholders via dividends, usually in form of cash or bonus shares.  Stable companies offer regular dividends to their shareholders while high growth companies provide the opportunity to benefit from capital gains.

The minimum investment required is Rs. 5,000.

You can open Trading Account on line and attach scanned copies of Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) of the main account holder, joint account holder (if any), Source of Income, Latest Tax Return.

Futures contract involves purchase and sale of a financial or tangible asset at some future date, at a price fixed today.

Once all documentation are submitted, it will take 7 working days to be operative. 

No, there are no charges to maintain Unex Securities account.

Easy way is to transfer funds ON LINE from your personal Bank Account and send transfer confirmation to Unex Secutities for ownward credit to your Trading Account.

Yes, physical shares are acceptable at Unix securities. Physical Shares in your name will be converted to CDC Format and transferred to your Account

The procedure is very simple.

  • Physical shares must be in the name of Unex Securities Account Holder.
  • Copies of CNIC must be submitted at the time of request.
  • All physical shares must be VERIFIED by the company’s registrar.
  • Conversion of shares may take around 3-4 working weeks.

Once you open an account and entitlement is obtained, orders may also be placed over the telephone with the equity trader assigned for your service OR you may transact on your given Tradind App on your PC or Mobile.

Orders will not be processed until your account has the necessary funds available to cover the order. If you have signed a 3 times margin agreement, you may utilize margin financing for any shortfall in available funds to affect the purchase.

If the trade is executed, your account officer will send you a trade confirmation through email. This trade confirmation will serve as your proof of investment. All detail of account settlement will be mentioned on the Trade Confirmation Email.

All delivery sale proceeds will be automatically credited to the account of the client maintained with Unex securities, and the same will be available for his margining requirements and trading limits. The client can request Unex Securities to remit funds out of the clear credit balance to their account. Unex securities would remit the requested amount to his bank account, subject to his margin and limits being in order and subject to deduction of any sums due from him to Unex Securities. All such payment requests will be met by keeping the exchange payout date into account. Unex Securities will remit funds to clients by issuing a cross-check in favor of clients or using an electronic fund transfer facility or demand draft/pay order, whichever is the most efficient and cost-effective at the sole discretion of Unex Securities.


Yes, Unex Securities reserves the right to refuse your account without mentioning any reason

You can submit a cheque in favor of “EClear Services Limited”  OR you can also transfer ON LINE to Bank Account of “EClear Services Limited” and send transfer confirmation to UNEX Securities for onward credit to your Trading Account. 

You may do so by dropping an email at mentioning your CDC Investor Account number as well name & quantity of the securities you intend to transfer

You may send email to “” for your queries.

EClear Services Limited (ESL), (incorporated as public unlisted company under the Companies Act, 2017) has been granted license to act as Pakistan’s first “Professional Clearing Member (PCM)” under the “Professional Clearing Members Regulations 2020” by Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) on 3rd may 2021. EClear is a Large Size Company (LSE) under 3rd schedule of Company Act 2017.

EClear Services Limited enables outsourcing of Clearing, Settlement & Custodial services to trading members of the Stock Exchange, enabling them to provide more efficient services to their clients.

ESL is supported and sponsored by strong pillars of Pakistan Capital Market, including Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited (CDCPL), Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited (NCCPL) and other financial Institutions.

Previously, it was observed that most of the investors were losing interest in the capital market, therefore, in order to improve the confidence of the investors a new broker regime was introduced and Trading Only (TO)  TREC holders were created as new category. EClear was established in order to facilitate brokers which fall under the category of “Trading only”. Since TO brokers cannot hold the customer’s cash and custody, EClear will provide professional clearing services to those brokers for clearing, settlement and custody of customer’s assets for customers.

You can open BASIC Account or REGULAR Account with Unex Securities. In Basic Account there are minimum requirments of documents for Account Opening Process and maximum amount that could be invested in Basic Account is Rupees One Million Only. Basic Account Holder could only trade in REGULAR Market and cannot trade in any Leaverage Counter. 

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